Talent and perception

Monday, December 7, 2009


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My dad is a painter. He thinks' he's not a painter because he was 45 before he took it up as a hobby, and he's never really satisfied with a piece and it's only paint on canvas that's not worth anything.

Strangely, everyone, and I do mean every single person, who knows my dad, asks him for one of his paintings for birthdays/Christmas/etc. He is fucking amazing. We started the trend when we asked for one painting that we loved, and he was stunned that someone would want his worthless piece of trash. He was stunned when 2/3rds of the trash in his house was snapped up by the first people to ask for it when the realised that asking might be possible.

He still insists that his art is worthless and won't give it as a gift unless he's giving something else that's worth while with it.

I'd rather have one of his paintings then almost anything he could conceivably buy me. I think just about everyone else who knows him feels the same way.

On a similar note - I think I would do many, many bad things to own a Bunny original. I can't think of many conceivable Christmas presents that would be better then that card.