Monday, December 7, 2009

So I’m in a period of Consolidation in my life. My finances are fucked, the forums I’ve used as my default excuse to not work for 5 years are closed. I’m on a cocktail of psychoactives to make me a functional kind of crazy and I’ve moved twice in less then a year.

Everything in my life needs to get simpler. To be more defined. Everything needs clarity and review.

So I’m going through 3000 posts from the aforementioned forums, 500+ blog entries from different blogs I’ve started and ignored and various other bits of writing around the place and I’m consolidating them to this blog. I’m using the Windows Live Writer to have access to almost all of those blogs from a single resource and to update things as I go from that same single resource.

I’ve got pretty much every piece of recreational reading on the internet that I engage in tuned down to an RSS feed list and set up in a spiffy program called Feed Demon, sorted by groups and regularly updated.

I’ve got my IM accounts, email accounts and social networking accounts all hooked into a program called Digsby so I can monitor and update them all (as much as I ever update any of that crap) from a single interface.

I’m working through my bookmarks – and I’m still trying to find a way to consolidate them into a single useful format – if anybody has a good way to import and auto-tag from Delicious to say Mozilla Weave – I’d love to hear it.

I’ve sorted 500gb of Movies and television shows into suitable folders and pruned things down. I’ve still got 100gb of music that is desperately in need of sorting and god knows how many documents that are in varying stages of clarity.

I’ve got a list of reading material, reference material and training material that’s going to take me a decade to sort through. But it’s progressing.

I’ve thrown out pretty much everything I don’t value any more. Someday soon – maybe I’ll have what’s left sorted and clarified.

I’m not sure where this drive for organisation comes from. But if I can just manage to get on top of my to-do list for work – I’ll be golden.