Hey man, can you get me a fix?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


If you’ve read my writing in any detail you know that I I know a bunch of weird people and I have a history of drug contacts and black market associations. I’ve been interested in black market economics for years and as a former recreational drug user – I know people who know people.

Obviously, this isn’t something I normally tell my co-workers about. I work in a reasonably respectable career in a pretty straight laced office in a very straight laced town. Out of the blue this morning, one of our senior sales guys, a very straight laced and by the book guy, formerly a military officer in South Africa comes up to me and beats around the bush for a second before asking if I could help him out. He wants to buy a medical grade oxygen supply for recreational purposes and his Doctor won’t help him out. Do I by any chance know anyone who could help?

It turns out, he’s a licensed glider pilot, and at altitude they often need an oxygen supply to improve the quality of the air that they’re breathing because of the low Oxygen supply. He knows about all the safety issues (like 40 minutes of breathing pure oxygen will be fatal for most people) and all that shit.

Also, as it happens – I know a guy who breeds tropical fish, who buys medical oxygen to pump in with the bags of fish when he sends them out – so I said sure, I’ll ask him where he gets his from, since I’m pretty sure he didn’t need a note from his doctor or anything. But still. WTF?

I’m not sure if it’s a good thing that after less then 6 months on the job, without having told my co-workers any of the kind of stories that would peg me as the guy who can get medicinal supplies without a doctors note – I’m already tagged as the office fixer for that sort of thing.