Skin time

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Recently I’ve had a lot of problems with my attention span. A lot of problems. I finally sucked it up and got tested and found out at 28 that I do indeed have ADD and ADHD. I started Ritalin late last week and had one day of intense focus and concentration. Since then? I’ve had about as much focus as a kitten with a coke habit in a room full of mirrors.

Consequently, my blog has now been re-skinned. Ritalin is not nearly as delicious as I had hoped and I have been massively unproductive lately. But hey, my blog is kinda pretty right?

I don’t want to mislead anyone – the art and the colour scheme were edited and bolted on to a freeware theme. I have no artistic talent at all. I wrote some CSS and did some image editing shenanigans – but the core artsy stuff is the result of a bunch of other people’s talent.

That said, I do like the end result. Even if I really wish I’d spent the time actually working.

On a side note – is anyone actually reading this? I should really install some kind of analytics. FUCK. No installing analytics. Actual work to do. Stupid brain.