My how things change

Friday, December 4, 2009


I wrote this not long after NYE 04/05 – It’s funny thinking about how much shit has changed. It wasn’t like either of us were new to BDSM then – but I feel so much more jaded about the whole thing now.

The house described belongs to people who are now really great friends of ours. Several of the people described as strangers being observed in this story are now among our best friends.


After writing this, and replaying the nights events in my head - it does feel pretty goddamn surreal. And its a more then a little disconcerting that none of this seemed particularly odd to me at the time.

For NYE my wife and I went to a fetish party. We arrived a little late, so the party was good and started by the time we got there. The venue was just some couple's house - we'd never been there before, all we had was an address. I'd met a few of the people at the party before, but only in passing.

Maybe half a dozen of the people in attendance we (my wife and I) had met through a friend at a party just before Christmas. The house itself was interesting. The last house on quite a long, dead end street, it was pretty isolated to begin with. But the driveway was huge, pitch black, and at least a 400'-500' walk from where we parked (at one end of the driveway) to the house. The house was big and quite nice, with a large pool, a dozen or so naked people in it. At the back of the house is what can best be described as a stone igloo. It was maybe 20' across and a circular base with a lockable door. But it was essentially a stone fucking igloo, there were maybe a hundred assorted floggers and paddles, a couple of benches, a 50's era gynaecologists table, and every available surface was lined with Eye bolts, heavy eye bolts, the sort of shit you could safely hang a fridge from, or a couple of people if you were that way inclined.

Outside in the main party area, there was somewhere between 75 and 150 people wandering around at various stages of the night, mostly dressed in black, a few French maids outfits (mostly on guys). We sat down and got drinks and started chatting to a few people we'd met at the last party when a Dominatrix sat down next to my wife, with a strap on dildo attached to her thigh. She had some guy (not her submissive, just some guy who was there) sit on it, I sculled my drink. The pool was starting to fill up, maybe 20 people were in there. Mostly naked. Around the corner from us there was a pretty heavy needle play scene going on (various gauge needles are inserted into someone, either temporary piercing style, or like a way more painful sort of acupuncture.) And next to us a naked girl was tied to a table while some dominatrix dripped hot wax to her.

An older lady was talking to us and telling us that she wasn't allowed to play because she was 'So Drunk!' (she was) while the dominatrix was still bouncing this guy on her knee. She had random other people pushing him up and down to add to the flavour. Some tall (like 6'6 and wearing stiletto's) guy in a French maids outfit was being bent over an old gurney (wheeled hospital table I guess the house owners had a thing for medical scenes) when we decided to head over to the dungeon (all the play that was described above was happening on the veranda of the house not actually in the dungeon). In the dungeon I played with my wife.

The standard flogging/cane/clamps/hair pulling that's at every fetish party. We also have a thing called a violet wand that is cool as shit. By far my favourite toy. Basically you plug it into a power point and it produces a high voltage unbroken supply of static electricity. There's a bunch of wand attachments for zapping people with but you can also make yourself a conductor so that when you touch/kiss/etc people they get shocked. Hours of entertainment and always draws a crowd.

When the countdown came she was naked but for panties and boots bent over a spanking bench. I was conducting large amounts of electricity through my body and into hers for the midnight kiss. We played with the wand for a while after that and had a bunch of people ask us to use the wand on them next time we were out. We watched some girl who had never been to a party before get beaten. It was her first time she worked with one of the party regulars who was playing with her. Girl on Girl beating always look kind of wussy but they're still hot. When you play with someone its a pretty intense adrenaline/endorphin rush. Its like a drug. So after a hot scene you usually spend a while cuddling/chilling out while you 'come down'.

We were watching other scene's and chilling out when a fun thing started. A guy was hooded and put in a lycra sort of straight jacket deal - no buckles or anything but a bitch to get out of without help. Then they stood him on a stool with his back to a pole and started wrapping saran wrap around him from his shoulders to his ankles. Constant wraps around the pole. Then they started duct taping him in place. He was mummified in duct tape and saran wrap by the time they were done. I went over to help then. He was a big guy and they weren't sure the restraints would hold him when they pulled the stool away so a couple of us had to be there to catch him just in case. They pulled the stool away and we stepped back and he was suspended there 2 feet above the ground mummified in saran wrap and duct taped to a pole. We watched them do all sorts of evil shit to him while he was stuck there and then helped them cut him down before we decided to go home and fuck.

Post scene sex is always mind blowing. Its an intense prolonged and massive turn on to do that sort of scene and your body is hyper sensitized by the rush from the scene - My wife announced afterwards that she had no idea what the fuck I had done to her but she owed me forty hundred blow jobs to compensate for the intensity of her orgasms. 39 hundred and 96 to go."