Ask a Pervert – Point of clarity

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Don’t get too excited. This isn’t a fun entry – although I’ll post one later today.

I’m going to continue to archive my posts from the Ask a Pervert thread here, along with the rest of my writing that I’m keeping archived somewhere because I like it. But fundamentally, this is my blog – and a large part of the awesome with the original ask a pervert thread, was my wife’s contributions.

As we get a bit more organized – we’re going to break up these posts into individual questions and answers, edit them a bit more coherently and include both my answers to questions, and my wife’s answers and publish them as a shared blog – so that she gets the credit she deserves without having to feel like she’s playing in my sand box. As that happens – I’ll post redirection links on these posts to the updated entries.

Thanks for all the awesome feedback that’s come through in the last few days as well. It means a lot to me.

As an update -


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