Mini Dom/me, Tiny Dom/me, Baby Dom/me - Ugh

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Is it just me that gets creeped out by people who project sexual roles on their kids? I mean nobody looks at little sally and say 'Oh, there's a tiny little reverse cowgirl! She'll ride cock's like they're a fair ground ride' or 'Look at little Tommy, he's such a little carpet muncher. He'll spend half his life flossing pubes out. But for some reason - so many parents in the scene have this obsessive idea that their child is a tiny/born dominant.

Here's the thing. Lots of kids go through a stage where they're pushy, arrogant, demanding. They're not being dominant. They're establishing boundaries.

Your 6 year old? Not a dominant. Just a pushy kid. Learning the boundaries. Demanding. Perhaps over exposed to your lifestyle. Perhaps over familliar with the use of rope and riding crops. Perhaps mimicking the mannerisms of a strong figure in said child's life.

It's not indictitive of your child's character, sexual identity or ultimate destiny to follow in your perverse sexual footprints. It's just kid behavior. That's why there are a million tiny dominants out there and very few people coo'ing over their grade schooler's submissive proclivities 'Oh, little sally's going to grow up to be such a good little slave for her Master' is much less common then 'Oh, Little Betsy's going to be a bitch of a Domina when she's all grown up. She'll be hell on her boyfriends.'

I wonder what that says about us as a group, and about the children of perverts.